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December 2023

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The present invention includes substituted chromenones that are useful to inhibit the IRE1/XBP-1 pathway. In certain embodiments, the compounds of the invention inhibit IRE1's RNase activity. In other embodiments, the compounds of the invention are useful to treat or prevent a cancer that involve activation of the ER stress response. The invention also relates, in certain aspects, to the discovery that secretory IgM (sIgM) can orchestrate an immunosuppressive microenvironment by recruiting myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) into different tumor models, such as but not limited to solid tumors (such as but not limited to lung cancer) and tumors that have high levels of secreted IgM. In certain embodiments, sIgM produced by B cells or CLL cells can contribute to the accumulation of MDSCs in a tumor. In other embodiments, inhibition of the IRE1/XBP-1 pathway can ablate, minimize, or reduce MDSC levels in a tumor.

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The Wistar Institute

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