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August 2023

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G06V 10/776, G06V 10/25, G06V 10/7715, G06V 20/64, G06V 10/26, G06V 10/774, G06T 7/0012, G06T 19/20, G06T 2207/10081, G06T 2207/10088, G06T 2207/20036, G06T 2207/30016, G06T 2207/30104, G06T 2210/41, G06T 2219/2012


Provided herein are systems and methods for automated identification of volumes of interest in volumetric brain images using artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced imaging to diagnose and treat acute stroke. The methods can include receiving image data of a brain having header data and voxel values that represent an interruption in blood supply of the brain when imaged, extracting the header data from the image data, populating an array of cells with the voxel values, applying a segmenting analysis to the array to generate a segmented array, applying a morphological neighborhood analysis to the segmented array to generate a features relationship array, where the features relationship array includes features of interest in the brain indicative of stroke, identifying three-dimensional (3D) connected volumes of interest in the features relationship array, and generating output, for display at a user device, indicating the identified 3D volumes of interest.

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University of South Florida

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