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January 2023

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H04B 17/3913, H04B 17/382, G06K 9/00536, H04W 40/18


A system and method of propagating signal links by using artificial neural networks using a relay link selection protocol to predict an optimal link or path, providing a reliable mechanism to meet 5G-new radio requirements. The artificial neural networks used in the method classify training and testing datasets into sufficient signal strengths and insufficient signal strengths, such that paths are evaluated for predicted propagation links, and such that the strongest propagation link can be selected. Specifically, a multilayer perceptron method is used to identify and characterize new link candidates using the path loss parameter or the received signal strength, such that optimal links can be selected and updated. To determine the sufficiency of a signal, a threshold energy strength is determined (for example, a threshold of −120 dBm can be used; any energy strength below the threshold is considered a poor propagation and is classified as an insufficient signal).

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University of South Florida

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