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January 2023

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B60Q 1/085, B60Q 2300/42, G01J 1/0466, G01J 1/04, G02B 6/2019, G02B 6/3552, G02F 1/313, H04J 14/0212


A system and method of adjusting a field of view in an imaging system includes transmitting light across a transmission optical path and defining a field of view encompassing both uniform and spatially tenuous target objects within the transmitted light. A sensor within a return optical path of reflected light from at least a portion of one of the target objects allows a data processing computer to compile an image from a series of data outputs from the sensor. The image is analyzed to determine a region of interest within the image and by dynamically adjusting the light source, the computer is configured to change the field of view of the light source such that the image includes a higher resolution and/or signal intensity for the region of interest. The region of interest may include at least one spatially tenuous target object.

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University of South Florida

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