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April 2021

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G05D 1/0295, G05D 1/0214, G05D 1/0276, G06F 17/16


Systems and methods for controlling motion of a vehicle in a group of vehicles. In one embodiment, the system includes a communication interface, a vehicle platform for travelling among the group of vehicles, and an electronic processor. The electronic processor is configured to determine a local virtual tracking error signal and a controller state signal. The electronic processor is also configured to determine a self-navigation input control signal based on the local virtual tracking error signal and the controller state signal. The self-navigation input control signal is for navigating the vehicle platform. A trajectory of an exosystem is based on a boundedness condition. The vehicle communicates with other vehicles in the group of vehicles via a fixed augmented directed connected communication graph topology. Each vehicle in the group of vehicles is stabilizable and satisfies a transmission zero condition. Design matrices of the vehicle satisfy an internal model principle.

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University of South Florida

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