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March 2021

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A61B 17/320016, A61B 17/3201, A61B 17/32, A61B 17/29, A61B 17/3417


A laparoscopic instrument is placed into the abdomen without the creation of a skin incision. The laparoscopic instrument includes a shaft that does not exceed 1.6 mm in diameter. The shaft has a beveled end and is inserted into an abdomen similar to the placement of a needle, without use of a scalpel. Operating instruments are introduced into the abdomen through the umbilical port using a docking device, and are then docked to the beveled end of the shaft after the shaft is introduced through the abdomen. Multiple types of operating instruments can be placed on the beveled end of the shaft during the surgical procedure. Each operating instrument is docked with a holster during introduction into and withdrawal from the umbilical port and is removed from the holster only when in use. When removed from the holster it is locked to the shaft and cannot be dropped.

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University of South Florida

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