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May 2020

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H04W 4/008, H04W 4/02, H04W 4/027, H04W 4/046, H04W 24/02, H04W 24/10, H04W 72/1278, H04W 84/18, H04L 67/12, H04L 67/18, H04L 67/104, G01S 5/0072, G01S 13/931, G01S 13/9307, G01S 19/49, G08G 1/0112, G08G 1/0133, G08G 1/0141, G08G 1/166


A method and system for distributed spatial control of a formation of vehicles includes receiving at a first formation vehicle via a peer-to-peer communication interface, direction of travel and formation density information that indicate a course of travel for the first vehicle while travelling as a member of the formation of vehicles. The peer-to-peer formation density information indicates a distance to maintain from other neighboring formation vehicles. A formation vehicle self-navigation command is generated for navigating the first vehicle when travelling in one dimensional, two dimensional, or three dimensional space as a member of the formation of vehicles. The self-navigation command is based on the peer-to-peer direction of travel and formation density information. The direction of travel information is based on locally determined spatial relationships of a portion of the formation of vehicles.

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University of South Florida

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