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March 2020

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The present invention comprises poly(vinyl benzoate) nanoparticle suspensions as molecular carriers. These nanoparticles can be formed by nanoprecipitation of poly(vinyl benzoate) in water using Pluronic F68 as surfactant, to create spherical nanostructures measuring about 200-250 nm in diameter which are stable in phosphate buffer and blood serum, and only slowly degrade in the presence of esterases. Kinetics experiments in phosphate buffer indicate that 78% of the coumarin-6 was encapsulated within the polymer matrix of the nanoparticle, and the residual 22% of coumarin-6 was surface-bound and quickly released. The nanoparticles are non-toxic in vitro towards human epithelial cells (IC50>1000 μg/mL) and primary bovine primary aortic endothelial cells (IC50>500 μg/mL), and exert non-observable bactericidal activity against a selection of representative test microbes (MIC>250 μg/mL). Poly(vinyl benzoate) nanoparticles are suitable carriers for molecular delivery of lipophilic small molecules such as drugs pharmaceutical and imaging agents.

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University of South Florida

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