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December 2019

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A61B 17/3468, A61B 17/0469, A61B 17/42, A61B 2017/345


A laparoscopic device with obturator. The device facilitates extraction of specimens from a female subject's abdominal cavity through the subject's vagina by also facilitating the suturing of a mesh to the anterior and posterior walls of the subject's vagina. The device includes an elongate sheath that has a flat surface on the front, a curved shape on the back, and an inner port opening formed within the flat surface, where the port opening that enables introduction of instruments or removal of specimens from the peritoneal cavity. An internal obturator can be inserted into the sheath to reduce the size of the port opening into the peritoneal cavity, or can be used to close the inner port opening into the peritoneal cavity. The obturator and sheath can be utilized as firm surfaces against which a user can suture a sacrocolpopexy mesh to the anterior and posteriors vaginal walls.

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University of South Florida

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