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December 2018

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A method of manufacturing a synthetic tissue model using one or more semi-flexible polymers or resin with at least one embedded mesh material is provided herein. The model provides suitable simulation of animal tissue designed to mimic tissue stiffness through varying the polymerization to simulate tissue stiffness level. Multiple polymers or multiple layers of polymer possessing different polymerization levels can be used to simulate tissues with different layers, such as skin. A mesh incorporated in the model provides durability, and can simulate layers of tissue through selection of the mesh material. A skin model using silicone-like material with a nylon tulle mesh was used to simulate skin for surgical procedures. The nylon tulle mesh increased resistance to tearing over time, due to insertion of surgical tools, thereby increasing usable life of the model and enhancing training as the model simulated skin for longer periods of time.

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University of South Florida

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