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November 2018

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H04B 7/0456, H04B 7/0617, H04B 7/0697, H01Q 21/245, H01Q 3/26


Method and system for transmitting a directionally modulated data stream via an antenna array. A first signal processing circuitry receives a data symbol of a first data stream, maps the first data stream to a specified number of sub-beams based on a stream beam-width assignment, assigns a direction angle for transmission of the data stream, and transmits in parallel, for each of the specified number of sub-beams, an instance of the data symbol to a second signal processing circuitry. The second signal processing circuitry generates antenna array element weights based on the data symbol and a matrix having a DFT structure. The matrix is independent of the assigned direction angle. The data symbol is transmitted via the antenna array utilizing the antenna array element weights. The DFT is implemented as a fast Fourier transform. White noise is transmitted in the sub-beams beams outside the beam-width requirement of the data stream.

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University of South Florida

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