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November 2018

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A combined therapy of human umbilical cord blood cells (hUCB) and G-CSF at the acute stage of TBI was tested as a therapeutic for progressive secondary effects of chronic TBI. Rats were treated with saline carrier, or therapeutic in carrier as follows; G-CSF, hUCB, or hUCB and G-CSF, 7-days after TBI. Eight weeks later, behavioral testing was performed and brains harvested to analyze hippocampal cell loss, neuroinflammatory response, and neurogenesis. Results revealed that the monotherapies partially suppressed neuroinflammation and reduced hippocampal cell loss. However, combined therapy of hUCB and G-CSF robustly dampened neuroinflammation, while enhancing endogenous neurogenesis and reducing hippocampal cell loss. Vigorous and long-lasting recovery of motor function accompanied the combined therapy, which was either moderately or short-lived in the monotherapy conditions. These results suggest that combined treatment rather than monotherapy appears optimal for abrogating histophalogical and motor impairments in chronic TBI.

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University of South Florida

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