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August 2018

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B60N 2/002, B60N 2/4829, B60N 2/4852, B60N 2/4885, B60N 2002/0268, B60N 2/0232, B60N 2/0244, B60N 2/4864, B60N 2/0252, B60N 2/22, B60N 2/4228, B60N 2/4808, B60N 2/4838, B60N 2/0228


An adjustable wheelchair headrest system to provide wheelchair users with the ability to control their headrest without assistance form another individual. Some wheelchair users are unable to adjust their headrests without assistance, and as a result, have no control over their head and neck positioning throughout the day. The system provides wheelchair users with a multi-directional adjustable headrest that may be controlled through a mobile device. The system includes a universal mounting system and manually adjustable starting positions for each linear translation and rotational assembly, which allows the system to easily mount to any existing wheelchair. The system enables users to adjust their headrest to suit any situation (driving, watching a movie, eating, etc.). Wheelchair reliant individuals can now enjoy day-to-day comfort, control their own upper body posture, and perform additional tasks without assistance.

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University of South Florida

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