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Sandra Faragalla

Cardiovascular Disease Detection and Future Implementations of Machine Learning

Courtney Weber
Jan Janda
Lisa Dawood
Katherine Rodriguez
Dang Nguyen

Colleges on COVID-19: How College Choice Impacts COVID-19 Related Behaviors in University Students

Kelly Nicole Drago
Huichang Xu
Natalie Nagib
Juliana Catherine Rendle

Connecting Healing With Religion: Shamanism in Nepal and India

Alyssa Tallman

COVID-19 Around the World: Does Ethnicity Influence Prevention Practices and Beliefs?

Yash Nilesh Patel
Isaac Charles Hernandez
Juliana Catherine Rendle
Natalie Nagib

Devastating Inequalities in South Asian Healthcare

Isaac Powell

Differences in Disparities amid difficult (COVID -19 Pandemic) Times: Social class and its effect on COVID-19 related behaviors

Weronika Julia Stelmasiewicz, University of South Florida
Yasmin Saeed, University of South Florida
Juliana Catherine Rendle, University of South Florida
Natalie Nagib, University of South Florida

Differences in Disparities amid difficult (COVID -19 Pandemic) Times: Social class and its effect on COVID-19 related behaviors

Weronika Julia Stelmasiewicz
Yasmin Saeed
Juliana Catherine Rendle
Natalie Nagib

Examining the Male/Female Ratio in Nepal

Yash Patel

For Richer or Poorer in Sickness and Health: Socioeconomic Status and its Effect on Students' Attitudes and Behavior During COVID-19

Alyssa Mae Perez Ulgasan
Sana Saeedah Baban
Natalie Nagib
Juliana Catherina Rendle

Gen Zs in a Generation of COVID: Political Affiliation and Pandemic Attitudes Among University of South Florida Students

Bryan Cao
Seara Anderson
Juliana Rendle
Natalie Nagib

Gender differences in COVID-19 comprehension and compliance in students at the University of South Florida

Sana Saeedah Baban
Alyssa Mae Perez Ulgasan
Juliana Catherina
Natalie Nagib

Healing Through Music: Music Therapy in Ayurvedic Medicine

Collin Reynolds

Home-made Detection of Nitrates in Drinking Water: A Modification of Colorimetric Detection Methods

Derrica Ferguson

How socioeconomic status impacts health outcomes in India

Sean Varughese

Hydrotherapy: An Ayurvedic Healing

Casey Cubitt
Miguel De Vicente Marquez
Amelia Jefferson

Novel L-Ergothioneine Treatments with Antioxidant/Anti Inflammatory Effects Improve Hearing in Geriatric Male Mice in CBA/CaJ Mice

Nidhi Bangalore
Lina Elessawey
Mark A. Bauer
Alejandro A. Acosta
Mark Thivierge
Moksheta Chellani
Robert Frisina Sr., University of South Florida

Problematic Politics: How Political Affiliation Influences Compliance with COVID-19 Guidelines

Nicole Nagib
Macy Kuhn
Natalie Nagib
Juliana Catherine Rendle

The Fusion of Ayurvedic Medicine and Biomedicine in Modern India

Trey Gould

The Norm Activation Model (NAM) and Florida residential electricity consumers' adoption or rejection of Photovoltaic (PV) rooftop solar power technology

Jason Bowman

Traditional Herbs Used in Modern Medicine

Julianna DeGaetano

Vaccination Trends in India: From the 19th Century to the Present

Zainab Farooq
Jasmine Robins