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Reducing Risky Behavior with Habit Reversal: A Review of Behavioral Strategies to Reduce Habitual Hand‐to‐head Behavior

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Summer 2020


COVID‐19, coronavirus, habit reversal, face‐touching



Habit reversal training (HRT) has been a mainstay of behavior analysts' repertoire for nearly the last 50 years. HRT has been effective in treating a host of repetitive behavior problems. In the face of the current coronavirus pandemic, HRT has practical public health importance as a possible intervention for reducing hand‐to‐head behaviors that increase the risk of viral infection. The current paper provides a brief review of HRT for hand‐to‐head habits that is designed for a broad audience and concludes with practical suggestions, based on HRT, for reducing face‐touching behaviors.


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Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, v. 53, issue 3, p. 1225-1236