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Our Fresh-Produce Supply Chain after COVID-19: How Vertical Farming Can Play a Key Role

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COVID-19, Fresh produce supply chain, Food supply chain, Indoor and vertical farms, Re-engineering the supply chain


The speed with which the coronavirus outbreaks in Asia, Europe, and North America metastasized into a global pandemic—catching many governments by surprise and with little preparation—has led to disturbing images of our food supply: barren shelves at grocery stores, and miles of cars lined up at drive-through food banks, while tankloads of milk are dumped in Wisconsin and Ohio, and tons of fresh produce are plowed back into the soil in Idaho and Florida. These incongruous and disturbing images have exposed the inflexibility of our food supply chain in response to the disruptions caused by the pandemic.

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Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World, v. 27, issue 4, p. 10-12