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The USF Libraries COVID-19 Hub was launched in March 2020 to make available geospatial data, applications, and tools that could be useful in the tracking, monitoring, and supporting data analytics and research relating to COVID-19 in Florida. A resource guide to GIS data, mapping tools, news, and related information concerning Florida’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, integrated with USF Libraries Digital Collections, was established. Archival content creation with these data became critically important as the State of Florida provided only daily and then periodic updates in a tabular fashion that were overwriting previous dates rather than archiving information.

Detailed data shared by the State of Florida ceased being published in June of 2021, making updating several of our real-time dashboards impossible. Since then, many other data streams providing COVID-19 metrics have also become unavailable and taken offline. For this reason, the COVID-19 Hub is now transitioning to a more focused archive-based research database. Our updated hub site will provide a valuable resource for those researching the spread of COVID-19 in Florida.