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Performing Remote Pedagogy: Reductions, Omissions, and Interventions

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Remote pedagogy, fragments, reduction



In this piece, we contend with what it means to craft a pedagogy during an ongoing global pandemic. Our experience is fluctuating, frenetic, and fragmented. Drawing on our commitment to critical performance pedagogy, and Berlant & Stewart's (2019) “hundreds,” we craft an essay that is similarly scaled down, distilled, and splintered as a way to with resonating as well as dissonant experiences. For perhaps, in this moment, as we realize what is gone, we realize, not as much is gone for us as is gone for others. Perhaps, we realize what is gone is our reluctance to change what was before. Perhaps, we change things we did not think of changing before. Perhaps, we start to change things we should have changed sooner.

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Communication Education, v. 69, issue 4, p. 518-524