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Eliminación y visitación de la polinización en Epidendrum radicans (Orchidaceae) y Asclepias curassavica (Asclepiadaceae)



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November 2000


The possibility of a floral mimicry complex between Lantana camara, Asclepias curassavica, and Epidendrum radicans sounds appealing based on their similarity in flower color and overlapping ranges in Central America. The pollinia removal in E. radicans and A. curassavica was observed under different conditions of scale and proximity. The conditions for increased pollinia removal in E. radicans are to have a large inflorescence, close proximity to A. curassavica or L. camara in a patch, isolation from other E. radicans, occurrence in less dense patches, and avoidance of patches that contain L. camara. Asclepias curassavica benefits when alone more than when with either E. radicans or L. camara and with increasing flower number in a patch. The findings for E. radicans are consistent with what would be expected for a Batesian mimic with A. curassavica as a model.


El posibilidad de una mímica de flores entre Lantana camara, Asclepias curassavica, y Epidendrum radicans esta atractivo porque tienen flores similar y viven en lugares similar en América Central. Diferente condiciones establecieron para observar cuando polen esta quitado de E. radicans. Encontró que más polen esta quitado cuando E. radicans tiene mucho flores en una planta, esta cerca de A. curassavica o L. camara, no esta cerca de otros E. radicans, no esta en arreglos densos, y evita arreglos con L. camara.


Mimicry (Biology), Pollination, CIEE Fall 2000

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Mimetismo (Biología), Polinización, CIEE Otoño 2000


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Monteverde (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute


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Pollinia removal and visitation in Epidendrum radicans (Orchidaceae) and Asclepias curassavica (Asclepiadaceae)



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