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Cambios en la distribución de especies de aves en cuatro zonas de altitud en Monteverde, Costa Rica


Grant Connette



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December 2006


The impact of climate change on ecosystems has been demonstrated by studies of upper elevation amphibians (Pounds 1997). In spite of this, the degree to which climate change affects birds is not as clear. Two previous studies have found the upward movement of many species of birds in the Monteverde area (Donnelly 1998, Palm 2003). I surveyed birds in four altitudinal zones on the less studied Atlantic slope of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve and compared my findings to the bird distributions reported by Michael Fogden in 1993. I found significant upward movement of bird species (sign test, p < 0.05) as well as a general decline in the abundances of certain bird species (x2 = 27.65, df = 3, p < 0.001). The majority of these declines are probably linked to the reforestation of the Peñas Blancas valley but climate change is likely responsible for the upslope movement and increased abundance of higher elevation birds.


El impacto del cambio climático en los ecosistemas ha sido demostrado por varios estudios en anfibios que habitan en las zonas altas (Pounds, 1997). A pesar de esto, el hecho que el cambio climático afecte de alguna manera a las aves, no esta claro. Dos estudios anteriores han encontrado que muchas especies de aves de las zonas bajas están incrementando sus poblaciones en Monteverde (Donnelly, 1998 y Palm, 2003). Examine 4 zonas altitudinalmente diferentes en el lado Atlántico de la Reserva del Bosque Nuboso de Monteverde y compare mis resultados con las distribuciones de especies de aves reportadas por Michael Fogden en 1993.


Birds--Behavior, Climatic changes, CIEE Fall 2006

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Aves--Comportamiento, Cambios climáticos, CIEE Otoño 2006


11 pages

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Monteverde (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute


English; Spanish

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Changes in bird species distribution in four altitudinal zones in Monteverde, Costa Rica, December 2006



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