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Composición de las especies de murciélagos (Chiroptera) en diferentes usos de la tierra sobre los ecosistemas


Samantha Carter



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December 2006


Bats are an abundant and diverse group of species that can be used as indicators of habitat disturbance and to test the effects of land-use mosaics on an ecosystem. For 11 nights I used mist-nets to sample the bat assemblages in pastures, forest fragments, banana fields and coffee fields on the Finca Santamaría in Cañitas, Monteverde, Costa Rica. The differences between the land-use areas were not significant in the abundance of bats, species richness, species diversity or trophic diversity. However the species that were found, such as Glossaphaga commissarisi and Sturnia ludovici could be considered indicators of disturbed habitats suggesting the entire area is degraded to a point that only generalist species persist.


Los murciélagos son un grupo diverso y abundante de especies que pueden ser utilizados como indicadores de la perturbación del hábitat y para probar los efectos de los diferentes usos de la tierra sobre los ecosistemas. Por 11 noches yo utilice redes de niebla para muestrear comunidades de murciélagos en los pastos, en los fragmentos del bosque, en las plantaciones de banano y de café en la finca Santamaría en Cañitas, Monteverde, Costa Rica.


Bats--Behavior, Ecology, CIEE Fall 2006

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Murciélagos--Comportamiento, Ecología, CIEE Otoño 2006


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Monteverde Institute


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Species composition of bats (Chiroptera) in different land- use mosaics, December 2006



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