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Evan M. Adams



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March 2003


The types of niche partitioning between two congener bird species Myioborus miniatus and M. torquatus (Parulidae) were studied in premontane wet and rain forest in Monteverde, Costa Rica. An altitudinal distribution showed that M. niniatus was found at an average height of 1568m and M. torquatus at 1612m. Foraging behavior was also different between the two species with M. miniatus foraging at an average height of 4.6m and M. torquatus at 7.2m off the ground. These findings indicate that there is a large amount overlap in altitudinal distribution and foraging height between the two species. Stronger partitioning with less overlap is seen in the foraging behavior of the species. Previous studies showed that interspecific competition between the two species was detrimental to M. miniatus and helpful to M. torquatus. Spatial overlap is therefore possible between the two species but it is undesirable for M. miniatus. While there is a large amount of niche overlap, the two species are different enough that they do not entirely exclude one another.


Los typos de nichos separado entre dos muy similar especies de aves, Myioborus miniatus y M. torquatus (Paruliadae) fueron estudiado en bosque mojado y lluvio de premontane en Monteverde, Costa Rica. Un distribución de altura enseño que M. miniatus fue fundó en un altitud promedio de 1558m y M. torquatus en 1612 m. También, compartamiento altura fueron diferente entre los dos especies con M. miniatus alimenticio en un altura promedio encima tierra de 4.6m y M. torquatus en 7.2m. Estrategias alimenticio cambieron con altura de alimenticio y per ambos aves comparten el nicho en estos maneras, también. Segregacio mas fuete es fundó en compartmiento de dimacio. Un estudio pasado desrubió que ambos aves pueden vivir juntos por M. miniatus fue menos salud que M. torquatus. Los aves san difernte bastante por ellos vivir juntos, peo similar bastante que un ave está no saludable.


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Niche partitioning and overlap in a cloud forest between two Neotropical warblers (Parulidae), March 2003



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