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Comportamiento de adaptación del sonido en una especie de grillo (Orthoptera: Anastostomatidae) basado en un incremento de la interferencia de un coro natural hetero-específico en San Luis, Costa Rica


Lee Kaiser



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May 2007


Orthoptera are among the first musicians on earth, and the deep evolutionary history of crickets involving acoustics has allowed them to greatly develop systems to produce and process such sensory information. This study attempts to contribute to the knowledge base of cricket behavioral biology through observation of changes in call characteristics of a species of cricket based on an induced increase in heterospecific natural chorus complexity in San Luis, Costa Rica. A chorus recording was used to induce such an increase in the complexity of the acoustic surroundings of the studied cricket in order to gain insight into how their call rates and song compositions are impacted. The results showed a decrease in calling activity(ANOVA: F = 3.09, df = 2, df Error = 126, P = 0.049), and a trend for the concentration of calls into fewer simple series of chirps during the period of increase in the complexity of their acoustic surroundings. This suggests the ability and inclination for crickets to adjust their calling behavior based on the calls of heterospecifics in order to most effectively and efficiently utilize singing activity, as sound production is very energetically expensive.


Este estudio trata de contribuir al entendimiento de la biología del comportamiento observando los cambios de las características de los sonidos de una especie de grillo como una respuesta al aumento de la complejidad de sus alrededores acústicos en San Luis, Costa Rica.


Crickets--Behavior, CIEE Spring 2007

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Grillos--Comportamiento, CIEE Primavera 2007


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San Luis (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute


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Behavioral adaptability of calling in a species of cricket (Orthoptera: Anastostomatidae) based on an increase in interference from a heterospecific natural chorus in San Luis, Costa Rica, May 2007



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