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Efecto del color y la altura en la preferencia de la oviposición y la atracción de insectos voladores


Emily Daniel



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May 2009


Abundance of volant insects and aquatic larvae was investigated in relation to vertical stratification and color of either required resource or oviposition site within the understory at the Finca Cataracta, in San Luis, Costa Rica. Three insect traps were hung per tree (three trees total used) at heights of 8 ft, 4 ft, and ground level. Each platform at the respective height consisted of four bottles that were green, red, black, or clear. Oviposition in different colors by Ephydridae and Psychodidae was affected by height. Both larvae were most abundant at the bottom level, though Ephydridae showed significant preference for black, while Psychodidae was more abundant in clear. The attraction of flying insects to color varied with height. Each Order was collected in large abundance at a specific color and height when the factors were juxtaposed (Diptera- top, black; Coleoptera- middle, clear; Hymenoptera- bottom, green). This study reveals the importance of visual cues in relation to height for oviposition behavior and volant insects.


Se investigó la abundancia de insectos voladores y larvas acuáticas en relación a su estratificación vertical y el color requerido para la oviposición en el sotobosque de la Finca Catarata, en San Luis, Costa Rica.


Ephydridae, Psychodidae, Insects--Behavior, CIEE Spring 2009

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Insectos--Comportamiento, CIEE Primavera 2009


10 pages

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San Luis (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute


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Effect of color and height on oviposition preference and attraction of volant insects



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