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La cría en cautiverio causa el tamaño corporal pequeño en Morpho peleides limpida (Nymphalidae : Morphinae)


Danny Goldish



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May 2009


Captive breeding has many positive implications in terms of conservation, but when practiced irresponsibly, can result in harmful consequences like inbreeding. Inbreeding has been shown to result in developmental instabilities like small body size and fluctuating asymmetry. In this study, I used small body size as a proxy for inbreeding by comparing measurements of the butterfly Morpho peleides limpida from wild and captive bred populations in terms of right forewing and right antennae length. Both measures of size were found to be larger in wild populations than captive populations. The greatest variation in the means was observed in female right wing measurements, with larger mean lengths in wild populations (76.99mm ± 4.23mm) compared to captive populations (66.58mm ± 2.10mm). This shows that rearing techniques used in butterfly gardens may invoke varying amounts of inbreeding. New measures must be taken to practice more responsible breeding such as ensuring the introduction and maintenance of more genetic variation in captive populations. La cría en cautiverio tiene muchas implicaciones positivas en términos de conservación, pero cuando la practican con irresponsabilidad, puede resultar en consecuencias dañinas como la endogamia. Se ha demostrado que la endogamia puede resultar en inestabilidades en el desarrollo como un cuerpo pequeño y asimetría fluctuante. En este estudio, yo usé el cuerpo pequeño como un aproximado de endogamia comparando medidas del largo del ala derecha y el largo de la antena.


Morpho peleides, Inbreeding, Endogamia, Butterflies, Mariposas, Costa Rica--Puntarenas--Monteverde Zone, Costa Rica--Puntarenas--Zona de Monteverde, CIEE Spring 2009, CIEE Primavera 2009


Student Affiliation : College of Biological Sciences, University of Minnesota Born Digital

Subject: topical

Morpho peleides; Inbreeding; Endogamia; Butterflies; Mariposas; CIEE Spring 2009; CIEE Primavera 2009

Subject: geographic

Costa Rica--Puntarenas--Monteverde Zone; Costa Rica--Puntarenas--Zona de Monteverde



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|Monteverde Institute MVI



Captive breeding causes small body size in Morpho peleides limpida (Nymphalidae  :  Morphinae)



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