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Influencia de la altitud, las especies hospedadoras, y el tamaño del hospedador en la densidad del matapalo, Phorodendron robustissmum (Viscaceae)



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May 2008


Phorodendron robustissmum is an aerial hemiparasitic plant, dispersed by birds, that parasitize their hosts by tapping into the host’s vascular tissue. This research examines the density of mistletoe, Phorodendron robustissmum (Viscaceae) as a function of host species, host size, and elevation. This study was conducted in the Monteverde region in Costa Rica from 880- 1480 m. Data were collected on host species, density of mistletoe on two host species, elevation, and the diameter at breast height. ANCOVA and ANVOA showed that only host tree size influenced the clump density of Phorodendron robustissmum. Three different host species, Sapium glandulosum, Sapium laurifolium, and Sapium macrocarpum (Euphorbiaceae) harbor Phorodendron robustissmum in the study area.


Phorodendron robustissmum es una planta hemi-parásita aérea, dispersada por aves, que parasita a su hospedador tocando en el tejido vascular del huésped. Esta investigación examina la densidad del matapalo Phorodendron robustissmum (Viscaceae) en función de la especie hospedador, el tamaño del hospedador y la elevación. Este estudio fue hecho en la región de Monteverde, Costa Rica a una altura de 880-1480 metros.


Mistletoes, Cloud forest ecology, CIEE Spring 2008

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Matapalos, Ecología del bosque nuboso, CIEE Primavera 2008


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Monteverde (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute


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Influence of elevation, host species, and host size on the density of mistletoe, Phorodendron robustissmum (Viscaceae), May 2008



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