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Comunidades de epífitas en el rompe vientos Cupressus lusitanica y Myrsine coriacea, Monteverde, Costa Rica


Casey Halstead



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August 2008


Monteverde, Costa Rica is home to a quintessential lower montane cloud forest that supports an amazing diversity of epiphytes. Windbreaks comprised of the exotic Cupressus lusitanica are common surrounding deforested areas. C. lusitanica appears to be poor epiphyte habitat when compared to a native species Myrsine coriacea. This survey was conducted using species richness and occurrence data collected using transparent acetates. This survey examines the idea that C. lusitanica supports reduced epiphyte diversity. The survey determined that the apparent difference in epiphyte richness and community composition is significant. ANCOVA analysis revealed several negative correlations for M. coriacea but not C. lusitanica. Lichen and moss abundance were affected by each others abundance as well as by CBH.


Monteverde, Costa Rica alberga un bosque nuboso montano bajo que sostiene una diversidad asombrosa de epífitas. Los rompe vientos abarcados por la exótica Cupressus lusitanica son comunes en áreas deforestadas de los alrededores. Cupressus lusitanica parece ser un hábitat pobre en epífitas cuando se compara con la especie nativa Myrsine coriacea. Este estudio fue conducido usando la riqueza de especies y los datos recogidos de la ocurrencia usando los acetatos transparentes. Este estudio examina además la idea de que C. lusitanica disminuye la diversidad de epífitas.


Epiphytes, Windbreaks shelterbelts etc., Cloud forest ecology, CIEE Summer 2008

Palabras claves

Epifitas, Rompe vientos corta vientos etc., Ecología del bosque nuboso, CIEE Verano 2008


7 pages

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Monteverde (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute


English; Spanish

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Epiphyte communities in Cupressus lusitanica windbreaks and Myrsine coriacea, Monteverde, Costa Rica, August 2008



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