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Christie Boser



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September 2002


It has been observed that birds are more common in forest habitats then along the edge of pastures. This study investigates the idea that birds forage less frequently in pastures and along forest edges and therefore that fewer seeds are dispersed in pastures than in forest. This would affect forest composition along edges and duration of reforestation. Clay fruits were placed on a gradient from forest to pasture, and the number of “fruits” with peck marks at each distance was recorded. A palm census was done along the gradients to determine if the diversity of palms differed from the edge to the forest. It was found that there were significantly more fruits pecked in the forest then at the edge (one way ANOVA p = < 0.0001, F = 653.244, R² = 0.918). Therefore birds are not dispersing fruits at the edge as much as in the forest. This could affect the diversity of species at the edge. This was confirmed in the palm census. The diversity of palms was significantly greater in the forest then the pasture (one-way ANOVA p = 0.0093, F = 106.265, R² = 0.982). There is a correlation between the expected diversity of palms due to dispersal events and the actual diversity.


Ha sido observado que las aves se encuentran con más frecuencia en el bosque que en los bordes con pasto. Este estudio investiga la idea que las aves dispersan menos semillas en el pasto al dentro del bosque. Esto afectaría la composición del bosque que está en el borde del pasto y el tiempo necesario para su regeneración. Se pusieron frutos de arcilla en un gradiente de bosque a pasto y se contaba el número de frutas con picotazos a cada distancia (ANOVA una vía p = < 0.0001, F = 653.244, R² = 0.918). Se hicieron además censos de las palmas en el mismo gradiente para determinar si la diversidad de las palmas era diferente en el bosque que al borde del pasto. Se encontró diferencia significativa con las frutas que tenían más picotazos en el bosque que en los alrededor del pasto (ANOVA una vía p = 0.0093, F = 106.265, R² = 0.982). La diversidad de las palmas fue también significativamente más alta en el bosque también.


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Effect of edge on the foraging of frugivorous birds and it's relation to palm composition



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