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Efecto de los diferentes procesos de germinación en la productividad debajo de la tierra y por encima de la tierra en Coffea arabica madura


Emily Giles



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November 2008


This was the first study in Monteverde, Costa Rica to look at how the agricultural method used during the germination phase affects the productivity of a mature Coffea arabica. It was thought by local farmers that a plant germinated in the ground and then transplanted would have more fine root biomass than a plant that is germinated in a polybag and then transplanted. Traditional farming practices have shown that when coffee is transplanted from the ground to another location; the main root is often cut, yielding more secondary fine roots. In contrast, many experiments have found that polybags increase a plant’s productivity by protecting root growth (Shu-guang et al. 2003, Gera et al. 1998). Fine roots are the source of nutrient uptake in a plant, thus, if a plant had more fine roots it should be more productive. Viewing the germination technique as a form of natural disturbance to the plant, this study measured the plant’s response in terms of productivity both belowground and aboveground. More shoots were produced by plants germinated in the ground in comparison to those germinated in bags (p < 0.05) indicate that the germination technique does affect aboveground productivity, though no affect was found on belowground productivity (p = 0.7055).


Este fue el primer estudio en Monteverde, Costa Rica para ver cómo el método agrícola utilizado durante la fase de germinación afecta la productividad de Coffea arabica madura.


Coffee plantations, Roots (Botany)--Development, CIEE Fall 2008

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Plantaciones de café, Raíces (Botánica)--Desarrollo, CIEE Otoño 2008


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Cañitas (Guanacaste, Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute


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Effect of different germination processes on belowground and aboveground productivity in mature Coffea arabica, November 2008



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