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El efecto de la polinización en el ángulo de la flor en Mucuna urens (F. Papilionaceae) polinizado por los murciélagos



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May 2008


The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between bat pollination and flower angle in Mucuna urens (F. Papilionaceae). To determine the natural variation among M. urens, the angles of 100 M. urens flowers were measured with a protractor to the nearest 5o. The mean angle was -82.45o from the horizon, the mode was -90o, and the range was from -45o to -105o. Approximately one-third of the flowers were tied so that they opened at 90o greater than the natural angle, one-third were tied to open at 90o less than the natural angle, and one-third were left at the natural angle. Over several nights, the pollination status of 383 mature M. urens flowers was observed. More flowers than expected were pollinated at the natural angle and fewer flowers than expected were pollinated at the positive and negative angles. (X2 = 63.96, p<0.001, df = 2). This suggests that natural M. urens flower angles are more accessible to bats than other angles.


El propósito de este estudio es examinar la relación entre la polinización de los murciélagos y el ángulo de la flor en Mucuna urens (F. Papilionaceae).


Bats, Pollination by animals, CIEE Spring 2008

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Murciélagos, Polinizado por animales, CIEE Primavera 2008


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Monteverde (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute


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The effect of flower angle on bat pollination of Mucuna urens (F. Papilionaceae), May 2008



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