The purpose of this NSF-sponsored workshop is to bring together an elite international group of researchers to discuss and promote opportunities for collaboration on the topics of sea-level data acquisition, calibration, and modeling. The workshop will focus on the interpretation of sea-level changes during marine isotope stage 5 (MIS 5) and the onset of MIS 4. Special attention will be given to the following topics:

  • How rapid were sea-level rise and fall events throughout the MIS 5/4 period, and and what were the major triggers?
  • Proxies used to reconstruct sea-level changes; rates of sea-level changes; geochronological methods used to constrain the timing of sea-level high and low stands.
  • Reconciling controversial MIS 5a data sets from sea level fields around the world.
  • Glacio-hydro-isostasy has been used to reconcile discrepancies between different sea-level data sets; one section of the workshop will share ideas and propose complementary approaches to address this particular issue.
  • Challenges in addressing past sea-level positions: the link between field observation and models.
  • Observational and modeling constraints on sea-level rise/fall and ice extent/volume; how well predicted GIA values compare to the instrumental and field data.

Organization Committee

  1. Bogdan P. Onac (University of South Florida, FL, USA/"Emil Racovita" Institute of Speleology, Cluj, Romania)
  2. Joan J. Fornos (University of Balearic Islands, Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
  3. Jeffrey A. Dorale (University of Iowa, IA, USA)
  4. Giorgio Spada (University of Urbino, Italy)

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