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disaster, disaster mental health, research level collection, vulnerable populations, interventions, public mental health, emotional trauma, all hazards model, collection development, rubric


This paper discusses the framework and rubric for collection development in the field of disaster mental health. The collection should include the broad range including delivery, law & policy, population, health status, epidemiology (prevalence and incidence data), structural factors, and security; and depth, from introduction and survey level to expert analysis, supported by raw data; over the range of historical to present day events addressing the development of theory, policy, and practice including foreign material for the benefit of different points of view, viewing disaster mental health from the many different perspectives situated within the interests of the Institute/College/USF, including departmental perspectives, audiences (practitioners, first responders, participants, perpetrators, victims/survivors, etc.), levels of response for delivery of services (individual to system), and policy at every government level.