Gill Ediger



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February 1976



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Contents: Letters to the Ediger: Loose talk and questionable viewpoints cause reader feedback -- The Kid Caver Room: A children's Story--One Pill makes you larger-Pat Asnes -- Cave of the Month: Palace Cave--from the files of the TSS, it's last resting place--Ronnie Rieseler -- Women in Caving: being a heady expose into why some women go down--Jill Ediger -- Caver Nicole Corner: Bug of the Month! My worm's flatter than your worm-Bill Elliott -- Minutes of the Bog: A Tragic Overreduction from the orginal pica-Ruth Darilek -- TSA BOG Report- A brief glance at the ecstasy of cavers coming together-Ruth Darilek -- Garbage: Does your flame impinge on your pot? Or vice-versa? -- Recuse: Our friend from the North ponders the heart of the rescue effort-Jack Baer -- Grotto News: New Grotto Officers are exposed for all to see, and other doubtful things -- Locating What? For only 80¢, boy, you can have one of these here fine maps-Charlie Yates -- History: Highly questionable events from the page of Cavers past -- Last Issue! Pay up or get out! Last chance for the miserly -- Trip Reports: A bit of ancient history sneaks in...


Regional speleology, Technical speleology

Geographic Subject




The Texas Caver, Volume 21, No. 2, Febuary 1976



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