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Texas Speleological Association

Publication Date

February 1976


United States, Regional Speleology, Technical Speleology


Contents: Letters to the Ediger: loose talk and questionable viewpoints cause reader feedback -- The kid caver room: a children's story-one pill makes you larger / Pat Asnes -- Cave of the Month: Palace Cave-from the files of the TSS, it's last resting place / Ronnie Fieseler -- Women in caving: being a heady expolse into why some women go down / Jill Ediger -- Cavernicole corner: bug of the month! My worm's flatter than your worm / Bill Elliott -- Minutes of the BOG: a tragic overreduction from the original pica / Ruth Darilek -- TSA BOG report: a brief glance at the ecstasy of cavers coming together / Ruth Darilek -- Garbage: does your flame impinge on your pot? Or vice-versa? -- Rescue: our friend from the North ponders the heart of the rescue effort / Jack Baer -- Grotto news: new Grotto officers are exposed for all to see, and other doubtful things -- Locating what? for only 80 cents, boy, you can have one of these here fine maps / Charlie Yates -- History: highly questionable events from the pages of Cavers past -- Last issue: pay up or get out! Last chance for the miserly -- Trip reports: a bit of ancient history sneaks in. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Vol. 21, no. 02 (1976) See Extended description for more information.

Subject: topical

Regional Speleology; Technical Speleology

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United States


Newsletter; serial



The Texas Caver