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Texas Speleological Association

Publication Date

January 1977


United States, Regional Speleology, Technical Speleology


Contents: Grotto news: first and second-hand reports from the minds of Texas cavers / Grotto Reporters -- A pilgrimage to Oztotl's Cave: a report by one of the faithful / Craig Bittinger -- TSS cave map salon: announcing a new addition to the TSA convention activities / Ronnie Fieseler -- New caves in Cottle County: 20,000 leagues beneath the gypsum plain / David Roberts -- Beyond the 7th tooth: a technical look at the wear and failure of the Gibbs ascender / Don Davison -- Trip reports: adventures from the past brought to you in glorious black and white -- Cave management section: a word about the newly created NSS section / John Bridges -- How to sketch a cave location map: putting the fruit on your cave map tree / Ronnie Fieseler -- First aid: suggested contents of a caver first aid kit from the NSS ST chairman / Don Davison -- TSS cave report form: how not to lose a cave now that you've found it / Ronnie Fieseler -- 1977 TSA photo salon: official rules and entry blank for this year's salon / Dale Pate -- 1977 TSA convention: how-tos and where-fors for the annual TSA get together / Dale Pat -- Personnel and address changes: trailing the transient caver / NSS monthly mailing. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Vol. 22, no. 01 (1977) See Extended description for more information.

Subject: topical

Regional Speleology; Technical Speleology

Subject: geographic

United States


Newsletter; serial



The Texas Caver