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16th Annual Student Research Symposium Program

University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

Analyzing the Sentiment of The New York Times

Luke Daniel Cross

Application of Sound for Bone Loss Detection

Iliana E. Simo

Cellular Immunotherapy: Up & Coming Applications to Major Neurodegenerative Diseases

Kimberly Sprenger

Factors Associated with Trust in Primary Care Physicians

Emily Lind
Noel Takeuchi
Thomas Smith

Maternal investments in bats

Yoscelyn Santos
Deby Cassill

Mind Over Matter? Mindfulness Matters in Big Five Traits Predicting Resilience

Dimitra Dimopoulos
Jamie Onufrak
Marcia Gralha
Michael Avery
Samantha Booth
Lindsey M. Rodriguez, University of South Florida St. Petersburg

Perfecting the Polony Method to Quantify Marine Viruses

Shelby Mahank
Natalie Sawaya
Nava Baran
Debbie Lindell
Mya Breitbart, University of South Florida

Rhythmic Complexity and Preference for Tempo

Bharat Bharat
Dimitra Dimopoulos

State Emotion Regulation as a Mediator of the Relationship Between State Attachment Security and State Mindfulness

Jamie Onufrak
Lindsey M. Rodriguez, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
Dimitra Dimopoulos

Student Perceptions of Helicopter Parenting Motivations

Adam Lashley
Michael Avery
Jen Ramsdell
Wendy Rote

“The Baker Family: A Story of Injustice Amid Reform”

Verna Peddi
Ashley Schipae
Alexis Slacum
Yvonne Solis

The Melrose Lead Site Mystery

Crystal McClendon
Christine Joyner

The Migrants Above: A North American Shorebirds Investment

Natalie Jesski

“We Drew a Map to a Better Place”

Emily Cunningham
Natalie Hawkins
Laneisha Jeans
Daniel Miller

Saint Petersburg, Florida