Design Thinking and Design Communication for Intercultural Conflict Management

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At its heart, design is an iterative problem-solving activity that requires many different design types and emphases for optimal outcomes and sustainable solutions. Essential to effective and ethical design is progressive understanding of and skill-building in intercultural mediation approaches. Ideally, these approaches encourage critical empathy and appreciation of co-design communicative strategies with relevant stakeholders. Even so, singular design prototypes cannot provide long-lasting solutions for wicked problems, that is, those entangled socio-cultural, political, and economic challenges, like diversity and inclusion, in today's world. To create sustainable and iterative design process for such wicked problems, we recommend justice-oriented design communication for intercultural mediation.

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Design Thinking and Design Communication for Intercultural Conflict Management, in D. Busch (Ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Intercultural Mediation, Routledge, p. 253-261