The Space Between: Using Peer Theater to Transcend Race, Class, and Gender

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This study explores the experience of directing a Peer Theatre group of inner city black teenagers from the standpoint of a white, workinlg-class wvomani. Peer Theatres unique com,nunicative ability to miake sense of situations and issues throuigh portraying characters both similar and different from ones' self can eniable participants to transcenid issues of race, class, and gender. Throuigh talk, we were able to honor our difjrrences, construct ways to co-orient ourselves to each other, and buiild relationships based on outr commoni humnanity¢. We f6und three feminist transfbrmational processes associated with Peer Theater: experiencing the dialogic miomlenit, sustaininlg tensions and conitradictionis (byi1 using feminist anger, forming guidinig values, anbd participating in rituals), anid empowering women and other marginalized muem bers of society.

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Women & Language, v. 25, issue 1, p. 29-40