PROF: A Simulation and Analysis Technique for Capturing Information-Processing Policies

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PROF simulation & analysis technique, individual differences in human information processing, followup questionnaire

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Argues that although there has been much research in the field of human communication, the area of individual differences in human information processing has largely been ignored. A methodology, referred to as the PROF technique, which is specifically designed for research in this area is described. Because the advance of communication theory depends on developing an understanding of how people interpret information differently, the PROF technique not only isolates the degree of homogeneity among raters, but also defines the policies of these raters by identifying the relative importance assigned to each different dimension (factor array) in a particular information-processing policy. 3 steps are involved in the procedure: (a) creation of the simulated profiles, (b) collection of the profile rating data, and (c) analysis of the data. Each step is discussed in detail and an illustration dealing with desirable characteristics in potential employees as judged by managers with varying years of experience is provided.

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Simulation & Games, v. 4, issue 4, p. 379-387