Task and Instrumentation Variables as Factors Task and Instrumentation Variables as Factors Jeopardizing the Validity of Published Group Communication Research, 1970–1971

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This paper evaluates published small group research in speech communication during 1970 and 1971. Special attention was given to the way tasks were defined, controlled, and manipulated as well as the way instrument reliability was computed and reported in eight small group studies published during this period. Examples of failure to report instrument reliability and independent support of validity suggest a lack of emphasis on measurement. It is argued that (a) investigators can decrease the possibility of unwanted error by taking greater care in selecting and using tasks, (b) more accurate and complete reports of reliability should be made, and (c) greater recognition of the interdependent nature of theory and measurement should be achieved.

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Speech Monographs, v. 41, issue 2, p. 169-178