A Computer-Assisted Analysis of Small Group Process: An Investigation of Two Machiavellian Groups

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computer assisted analysis, Machiavellian behaviors in group discussion, low vs middle vs high Mach Ss

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Explored whether the WORDS computer program could assist in pinpointing Machiavellian behaviors in a group discussion situation. 60 Ss were administered the Mach IV and Mach V instruments. Ss who scored below the 25th percentile were labeled low Machs. Midddle Machs were those who scored within 1 standard deviation of the median, and high Machs were those who scored above the 75th percentile. After a group discussion task, transcripts were punched into a computer, which reduced the data base to the 215 most frequently occurring words. Results indicate that the high Mach was one of the most frequent participators and provided much specific task information. Results do not indicate how the frequency of words related to influence on decision-making in the groups, unless it is by saturating the group with task-relevant information during critical phases of discussion.

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Small Group Behavior, v. 6, issue 2, p. 187-203