Avoid Traveling to Sinai’: Analysis of Journey Warnings in Israeli Media

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Official journey warnings are recurrently published in the Israeli media by the Counterterrorism Bureau, with the aim of warning potential tourists about imminent dangers of terrorism aimed at Israeli tourists who spend their vacation on the eastern shores of the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. These warnings have spilled beyond their original purpose of security and produced considerable public debate about local tourism and collective identities. This article describes an initial research regarding these warnings, by applying discourse and multimodal analysis to about 75 articles which appeared during 1999 through 2009 in the printed and digital Hebrew media in Israel. The authors contend that the analysis of journey warnings indicates that they comprise multilayered spatial-visual representations of the touristic beaches in Sinai. These imagined spaces of tourism are loaded with the ambivalence that characterizes the public discussion about the use of meanings and images of tourists and tourism.


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Horizons in Geography, no. 75, p. 5-25