Jumping On and Off the Runaway Train of Success: Stress and Committed Intensity in an Academic Life

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Spring 2011


autoethnography, academic life, burnout, technology overload, multitasking, commitment, stress

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This story describes a seasoned professor's attempts to take stock of her academic life. The main voice is that of the professor as she lives, works, and considers what she cares about. The cacophony of other sounds comes from the questioning voices inside her head, blended with the imagined voices of her dogs Zen and Buddha, and the real voices of colleagues and her partner, Art. The author examines the ups and downs of her academic life and how stress, interruption, caring, and committed intensity play out. She provides her story as a mindful revision of how she wants to live and to stimulate readers to reflect on their own lives.

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Symbolic Interaction, v. 34, issue 2, p. 158-172