MSW Students’ Perspectives on Learning and Delivering a Protocolized, Low-Intensity Transdiagnostic Psychological Intervention: Implications for Experiential Learning

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PM+, Experiential learning, Social work education, Low-intensity psychological intervention

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Problem Management Plus (PM+) is a protocolized, low-intensity, transdiagnostic psychological intervention designed to be delivered by lay individuals. Faculty at the University of South Florida School of Social Work recognized PM + as a potential psychological intervention for master’s students to learn to complement their clinical coursework and simultaneously provide an experiential learning experience to support their clinical skills. Before this pilot, the feasibility and acceptability of integrating PM + into a Master of Social Work (MSW) setting were unknown. Upon analyzing the students’ feedback using inductive content analysis, it is evident that experiential learning using interventions is crucial to building the self-efficacy of MSW students. Students reported that PM + helped their personal mental health and client interactions, using the tools they learned even a year after the pilot. Future research should focus on integrating PM + into experiential learning experiences within social work and allied academic settings and professions.

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Community Mental Health Journal, v. 59, p. 812-817