Human Papillomavirus-Related Cancer Surveillance, Prevention, and Screening Among Transgender Men and Women: Neglected Populations at High Risk

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cancer screening, gender identity, HPV, HPV vaccine, prevention, transgender

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Researchers and healthcare surveillance systems must clearly disaggregate data for transgender men and women from data for cisgender men and women to identify population-level health disparities and give every person an opportunity for cancer prevention. The limited human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine recommendations for transgender men and women may be due to the scant literature on cancer prevalence coupled with poor understanding of HPV risks for these populations. Comprehensive cancer screening and prevention initiatives centered on relevant anatomy and sexual risk behaviors that are inclusive of transgender men and women are needed. Moreover, we need specific research to understand the impact of HPV and associated cancers on both transgender men's and women's lives.

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LGBT Health, v. 4, issue 5, p. 315-319