P. R. Edwards Award

Established in 1960, the P.R. Edwards Award recognizes excellence in microbiology and is to be made to an individual residing in the geographic area of the Branch who has rendered outstanding service in furthering high professional ideals and standards in microbiology, and who has demonstrated originality and high competence as a practicing professional in microbiology.

Elizabeth O. King Award

Established in 1970, the Elizabeth O. King Award is given to an individual who has made notable and significant contributions in the diagnostic, public health, or medical microbiology as a member of the Southeastern Branch. Qualifying contributions include publications, microbial systematics including collection, organization and interpretation of data, teaching and training, and/or evidence of superior performance as a diagnostic microbiologist.

Margaret Green Award

Established in 1986, the Margaret Green Award is presented to an individual who has rendered outstanding service in the teaching of microbiology, particularly at the undergraduate level, while at a Southeastern Branch institution.

James C. Feeley Award

Established in 1991, the James C. Feeley Award is given to a Southeastern Branch member who has made significant and notable contributions in environmental microbiology and/or occupational health microbiology.

Robert G. Eagon Award

Established in 1994, the Robert G. Eagon Award is given to a Southeastern Branch member who has made significant contributions in microbial physiology and/or microbial genetics.

Ivan Roth Award

Established in 1997, the Ivan Roth Award recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the Branch and is deemed to have given notable and significant service to the Branch.

Gene Michaels Award (formerly known as the President's Award)

Renamed for the President Award in 2011 in honor of Dr. Gene Michaels, this award recognizes undergraduate, graduate students, and postdocs who present the best papers among declared candidate competitors at each annual meeting of the Branch. The awardees will be chosen at the meeting.

Nominations should be sent to Lisa Ann Blankinship, Ph.D. ( with the nominee's name, curriculum vita, and 3 supporting letters by October 10