Telehealth: Former, Today, and Later

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Telehealth, Telemedicine, Optimization of telehealth, Telehealth model, Pre-historic medical practice, Telepathy, Medicine, Remote health

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This chapter discusses about the advancement in the field of telemedicine and how often the general public are using the services that are provide by the telehealth and telemedicine market. This chapter starts with the introduction of the medicine in the world, which were the earliest medical practice and how all that thing leads to the today’s telehealth market. This chapter also describes the models that are being used in today’s world, and how these models as implemented and how telemedicine services are implemented more efficiently. Telemedicine and telehealth market is growing day by day and a lot people are getting to know about it, but there is still some section of the society, specially the lower middle class and the people in the rural areas that do not have any access or knowledge about the concept of telehealth services.

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Telehealth: Former, Today, and Later, in P. Tanwar, V. Jain, C.-M. Liu & V. Goyal (Eds.), Big Data Analytics and Intelligence: A Perspective for Health Care, Emerald Publishing Limited, p. 243-262

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