Higher Education in Capacity and Capability Building for the Information Economy

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Educational institutions are rising to the challenge of enabling organizations and society to transform, and to adopt and adapt to the uncertainties and opportunities arising out of rapid changes in technology. Moving beyond the technical and subject matter expertise, offerings for skilling and training need to include an emphasis on the essential professional skills (like people management, problem-solving, relationship management, and financial management). Technology based learning offerings are expanding to include support for the operations and management of technology and its services as well as addressing the business integration and adoption of technology. Business centric and other nontechnical learning offerings are including the role of technology and the business application and transformation from technology. The automation of knowledge workers (from artificial intelligence or real-time decision making or machine learning) and the provision of a knowledge worker services from the cloud (like Tax as a Service or Audit as a Service or Project Management as a Service) are also emerging for which learning offerings will be required. Skilling and training for the necessary capacity and capability building (including adaptiveness, responsiveness, and resiliency) to support transformation is increasingly expected 386of educational institutions. This chapter brings the industry experience of the authors in business transformation around technology, with their investigations in the role of higher education, to help shape emerging offerings for capacity and capability building for transformation.

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Higher Education in Capacity and Capability Building for the Information Economy, in G. S. Latwal, S. K. Sharma, P. Mahajan & P. Kommers (Eds.), Role of ICT in Higher Education: Trends, Problems, and Prospects, Apple Academic Press, p. 385-410

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