Business Driven Enterprise Architecture and Applications to Support Mobile Business

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Information Communication Technology (ICT) needs to provide the knowledge worker with an integrated support system of information management and work-flow. This challenge, however, is further exacerbated in mobile business wherein the knowledge work is not identified with a particular location. Information systems need to be analyzed and modeled, keeping the location-independence of the users in mind. A Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach, aligned with Object-Orientated Design principles, and driven dynamically as the user interacts, has immense potential to deliver solutions for the systems used by the knowledge worker. An MDA approach provides a unified approach to solutions architecture, information management, and business integration. At the enterprise level, the desktop, the mobile device and at the emerging marketplace level, the evolving need for real-time decision making on any device, anywhere, anytime, to support mobile business is providing a framework for aligning ICT to business. Further details are presented in this chapter together with some of the challenges and opportunities to be seen within mobile business.

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Business Driven Enterprise Architecture and Applications to Support Mobile Business, in B. Unhelkar (Ed.), Handbook of Research in Mobile Business, Second Edition: Technical, Methodological and Social Perspectives, IGI Global, p. 214-224

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