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Albumins, in vitro, Isoniazid, Nanoparticles

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Background: Bovine serum albumin nanoparticles loaded with isoniazid and rifampicin (INH-RFP-BSA-NPs) were prepared and their release characteristics were studied in vitro.

Material and Methods: The INH-RFP-BSA-NPs were prepared by a modified self-emulsion solvent diffusion method, with albumin and polylactic acid used as carriers and to form the nanoparticles structure. Transmission electron microscopy was used to observe the morphology of the INH-RFP-BSA-NPs. The size distribution of the INH-RFP-BSA-NPs were assessed using a submicron particle-size analyzer for drug loadings, and the coating rate of the INH-RFP-BSA-NPs was measured by high-performance liquid chromatography. A dynamic membrane dialysis method was used to study the in vitro release characteristics of the INH-RFP-BSA-NPs.

Results: The INH-RFP-BSA-NPs were smooth, sphere-like, relatively uniform in size, and well-dispersed, and the average diameter was 60.5±4.6 nm. Drug loading and entrapment efficiencies were high, at 19.8% and 87.8% for isoniazid, respectively, and 20.1% and 98.0% for rifampicin, respectively. Drug release was slow and sustained with 97.02% INH cumulative release at 6 days, and full release of RFP requiring 5 days.

Conclusions: INH-RFP-BSA-NPs exhibit uniform NP diameter, good dispersion, high drug loading and encapsulation rates, and have sustained release properties.

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