A Comprehensive and Scholarly Introduction to Clinical Psychology. [Review of Introduction to Clinical Psychology (4th ed)]

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Originally published in Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books, 1997, Vol 42(7), 597-598. Introduction to Clinical Psychology; 4th ed. (see record 1995-99084-000), written especially for “sophisticated undergraduates,” was designed to “present a scholarly portrayal of the history of clinical psychology, its scope, functions, and future that reviewed different theoretical perspectives… that would be interesting and enjoyable to read.” Overall, the authors have achieved their stated objectives, producing a comprehensive and scholarly textbook that is clearly written, well-organized, appropriately detailed, interesting, and that effectively and accurately portrays the complex and diverse field of clinical psychology. This text contains plenty of information about the practice of clinical psychology, giving students a good understanding of what clinical psychologists do. Four separate chapters are devoted to clinical assessment, interviewing, testing, and observation. Clinical intervention is covered in one overview chapter and three separate chapters on psychodynamic, behavioral, and phenomenological approaches. Theories of treatment are presented along with how each model would conceptualize, assess, and conduct therapy. Excerpts from therapy sessions illustrate how the different therapy models would be implemented. Chapters on child clinical psychology, biological factors, and clinical neuropsychology round out the coverage of contemporary clinical psychology. Students will also appreciate an Appendix that deals exclusively with acceptance into graduate school in clinical psychology. This chapter's question-and-answer format, which includes abundant practical advice, provides an excellent reference for those who are considering graduate work in clinical psychology.

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PsycCRITIQUES, v. 42, issue 7, p. 597–598